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Hand crocheted just for us!

Thanks to Sarah, who made it, and DJ who commissioned it.

just shoot me now

On Wednesday night, I managed to cut myself across two fingers – my grip isn’t great at the best of times, due to arthritis, and my Henckel knife slipped while I chopping a swede (as opposed to, say, a norwegian).

It hurt like *buggery* – I held it in water until most of the bleeding stopped, and then put a plaster on the middle finger, which was the worst affected.

Changed the plaster this morning, and then knocked the finger, which hurt like buggery again. Probably because I put the bloody thing on the wrong finger.

a(nother) badger moment

I know this because we decided to have chicken and chickpeas from the freezer for supper, as I have to go to a Parish Plan meeting, and it’s a bit early for us to stop and cook for 7 p.m.

I duly removed said tub and set it on the worktop to thaw …

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I really must rename my network immediately

Nothing more to be said, really.

Picked up by my iPhone somewhere round Gloucester Road, Bristol

a spectacular badger moment

In the mornings, I’m currently drinking Chai, made by dunking a teabag in a mug.

  is far more pernickity, and mixes his own blends in an ad hoc sort of way, and brews the resulting beverage in a Boden tea pot.

I went down just now to fetch our second cups.  I filled the kettle, put the tea bag in my mug.  Then thought “that’s odd – the kettle’s boiling, and my mug is full of tea and a teabag”.  Perhaps I made it with cold water – no, water was hot.

I transpired that I had poured tea from Pete’s pot into my mug on top of the chai teabag, giving me a truly revolting mix of chai and jasmine.

It bodes …

My Generation : the Zimmers


I went down to Nailsea this morning, to complain about my glasses. I bought a “two pairs for the price of one” [1] offer last May, and one pair were light sensitive. And they no longer were, so I took them down to SpecSavers to complain.

except – oh the shame – I hadn’t bought them from there at all. They were an old pair, in a frame they never sold, and a a weaker prescription. When I got home, after much embarassment, and profuse apologies, I had a proper rummage through the shelves by the front door and there were the proper ones, nicely darkened. Sigh.

on the bright side of the trip, we discovered that the greengrocer in Nailsea is selling an organic veg box for a tenner, with a really nice range of fruit and veg in it. That and some extras cost us about thirteen quid – given that the Riverford fruit and veg box is about twelve quid, and doesn’t have the range, I think we’ll be moving to Burchills.

[1]yes I know it’s a con, really


seems apt, somehow

(yet another) senior moment

perlmonger has just emptied the tumble dryer. In some consternation, he informed me that “the sheet was missing” … the load was mostly bedlinen, and indeed – there was No Sheet.

it wasn’t in the washing machine. It wasn’t in the tumble dryer. It wasn’t in the laundry basket.
where was it?

smouldering badger

from El Reg, the tale of a smouldering badger disrupting rail services.